About Bumpy Wilson


Bumpy Wilson is an abstract and landscape artist and a recent graduate from the University of Kansas. His degree in Visual Art with a focus in Emerging Media has led him to work in social media marketing, an auction house internship, and a customer services role at an art gallery. His passion is creative expression in all forms, and his basement studio is a testament to his diverse projects, from commissioned acrylic paintings to quirky and playful sculptures.. Bumpy is a goofy, spontaneous, and relational person who creatively responds to the desires of those around him. He enjoys entertaining people and views the world in a quirky way. He loves using social media in an unconventional way, like Vine (when it still existed), YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, to creatively entertain, inform, and influence people. His videos have gone viral on Total Frat Move, been recognized by celebrities, and been nominated for awards. Ben has been told he has a unique sense of humor, and uses his abilities to enrich the lives of those around him. That’s why art has become a huge aspect of his life. Ben created a half dozen murals and a couple beer pong tables for his fraternity in the few years he lived in during college. He says the feeling of creating something that can fill another person with happiness is pure satisfaction. No matter the work, he’s inspired to bring joy to people. The process of his work is chaotic and adventurous and the finished piece, in his mind, doesn’t belong in his possession. Ben hopes to continue making art that brings smiles and laughter to others for years to come. 



art statement

I’ll never be just an artist. I’m a whole lot of everything -- videographer, Instagrammer, YouTuber, and Social Media Marketer, to name a few. However, the most important part of myself is being an artist. Our world is a whirlwind of clutter, so capturing an artistic moment is magical to me. Art is the purest way to challenge or distance yourself from the distractions of the world: that’s why creation is breathtaking.

My works are intended to make you think, laugh, wonder, and be inspired. My paintings evoke the beauty of our non-digital world through their loose form, expressive color, and enriched emotion portrayed on the canvas.

When I attack an artwork, the composition might be planned or it might not; either way, emotions drive the work. My acrylic painting process is both spontaneous and cautious. I have constant urges to produce, but I am careful how to represent the intended emotion because I want viewers to feel a certain way when looking at my work. Emotions such as Joy, Surprise, Envy, Love, and Anxiety are all explored on the canvas.

One of my latest painting, Crashing, explores the rising feeling of being overwhelmed and then the ability to find relaxation. Life is fast and unpredictable, which is revealed in this painting. The assortment of vibrant colors, marks, and various applications are usually blended and mixed right on the surface. For my other paintings, the organized, chaotic mess of acrylic paint resembles landscape scenes. Nature is so valuable and precious because it’s always evolving. In other words, nature is never static; one can always find an evolving beautiful moment. This is how I view my work; to me it will never be done, but others can find beauty in it.

This creative beauty can be inspired from music, feelings, places, people, or situations. people who pay me to paint something especially for them often give me playlists, themes, or feelings they want to see on the canvas. when people commission a work, it pushes me to create ART that I couldn't come up WITH myself. Art made personal. Creating work for me is satisfying, but when I can create work for myself and someone else, it's life changing. I spend countless hours with a painting slaving over the image, working fast and slow, springing into action and waiting, dancing and staring, as if the artwork were an entity of itself. Knowing that my work will be with someone for a good portion of their life is a remarkable feeling. Each painting has secrets, odd inspirations, back stories, and minor but beautiful flaws that only I know of. These are the stories I share with a person that invests time and energy into my art.

Art feels inescapable. I’m happily trapped inside of it. I find inspiration in people and nature that drives my passion to make people happy, to connect, to reach out, to influence, to be an individual, and to inspire a change. That’s why art has become such a central part of my life. Whether I use art to mock or ridicule, express passion, or just be silly, art is my own therapeutic process that viewers can also relate to.